• Swiss Open High Diving Championship 2019

    7–9 June 2019, Switzerland

    First ever Swiss Open High Diving Competition. Amazing High Diving Shows. Beautiful scenery in the world’s most beautiful Lido.

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  • Agios Nikolaos Cliff Diving Competition 2019

    28–30 June 2019, Agios Nikolaos, Greece

    High Diving Competition and stunning Night Shows. In the center of beautiful Agios Nikolaos.

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  • High Diving Show at Bellevue – Züri Fäscht 2019

    5–7 July 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

    Thrilling High Diving Shows at day and night. Diving from 20m directly into Lake Zurich. More than 2 million visitors.

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  • International Cliff Diving Championship 2019

    26–28 July 2019, Ponte Brolla, Switzerland

    Traditional Cliff Diving event. Picturesque scenery in beautiful Maggia valley.

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About us

This association’s goal is the organisation of High Diving events, shows and competitions. It was founded in December 2018.

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Write us an e-mail at info@highdiving.ch.


You can read the Infinite Drop High Diving by-laws online.


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Jan Wermelinger


Diver's Applications

Apply for a startlist position at our events.

For all Infinite Drop High Diving events in 2019, divers must apply directly to the association. There will be no qualification procedures before the respective events.

Please be aware that members of Infinite Drop High Diving have a prerogative in being chosen for a starting position.

Results of the previous year’s events also influence the choice of athletes.

All divers applications will be examined by the competition committee, which will then decide upon accepting or rejecting the application.

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