Mediterranean atmosphere meets a fascinating sport event.

When asked what our favorite place to dive is, Agios Nikolaos is the answer 9 out of 10 times. The mediterranean atmosphere, the loving hospitability, the climate and familiar surrounding – all of that make this place so very special for us.

The competition is exclusive – athletes will be invited based on their previous years’ results. This is the top of our class, the very best of the best. The platform is built up on natural cliffs to reach the height of 20 meters. From the platform you willll have a breathtaking panorama where Crete’s mountains emerge behind the city’s colorful houses.

And not only the High Diving competition will be spectacular – the city is throwing a party like nothing you have ever seen before. Live music, artistic shows, fireworks, food, drinks and more are waiting for you. If you have not visited Agios Nikolaos yet, this is just the time for it.

Date not set yet.

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Andreas Hulliger, Board Member

Andreas Hulliger