Back to our roots. From natural cliffs into clear glacier rivers.

It’s the place where it all started – both for us as organizer of High Diving events, and for so many athletes around the world. Ponte Brolla is the original, and we can’t wait to come back for the 26th time in 2022.

The first ever competition in one of the most beautiful valleys of Switzerland took place over 25 years ago, and since then, Ponte Brolla has welcomed almost every big name in High Diving – Gary Hunt dove here, Aidan Heslop had his first competition with us, Iris Schmidbauer learned High Diving at this magical place and many more have started their journey in the sport at this exact spot.

Every year, we are welcoming new divers as well as old friends back to our place of origin. The competition has become a tradition. In four rounds, athletes from all around the world will show their best dives off the natural cliffs that surround the Maggia river.

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29-31 July 2021

All athletes are required to be on site from Friday morning until Saturday evening, as the unpredictable weather might call for spontaneous schedule changes.

Any questions left?

Anne Meister, Board Member

Anne Meister


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