The first Infinite Drop General Assembly will take place on 23 November 2019, 14:00 (GTM+2), at the headquarters in Heimberg, Switzerland. You have received an invitation via e-mail.

Please fill out the registration form below if you want to take part at the general assembly 2019.

Agenda items.

1. Events 2020
We’ll let you know which events are planned for 2020, for what events we expect applications and where qualifications from 2019 come in.

2. Board members
Patrick Arendt was engaged as an ad interim board member and needs to be voted in by the general assembly.

All board members have been assigned a different field of duty. We’ll inform you about the responsibilities and contact persons.

3. Regulations
We’ll vote on the implementation of FINA competition rules and DD’s for all our competitions.

4. Finances
You’ll get a brief overview on the finances of Infinite Drop.