Fascinating dives into the air from breathtakingly high cliffs captivate the public. It is incontestable that cliff diving figures among the most popular types of extreme sports, documented by hundreds of hours of TV presence on international broadcasting stations.


You can continue swimming in the mainstream or decide to jump off. Cliff diving is a synonym for perfect performance, power and freedom. The spirit of this sport, the lifestyle and the emotions of both, athletes and spectators, are not only extraordinary, they are authentic. TV channels, radio stations, journalists and photographers as well as captivated spectators focus their look upwards, where you can expose your brand.

A positive image transfer not only depends on how often branding is shown, it is more how long the branding’s visibility lasts. Cliff diving competitions are unique possibilities to expose your branding in first class positions. Cliff diving TV distributions secure continuous visibility with a very attractive cost-benefit ratio.

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