Jessica Macaulay (GBR), Swiss Open High Diving Championship 2019

Thun, Switzerland


It is happening! In 2021, we will offer you a High Diving Training Camp! The scaffolding for our competitions in Thun will be set up a week prior, and from 8-11 June 2021, we’ll be ready for some High Diving training sessions! You will be able to dive from 15 and 20 m as well as using the normal diving facilities.



We’ll have two High Diving coaches for the training sessions. More information coming soon!


Coming soon!

Please be aware that the costs only cover the participation at the training camp. Accommodations, meals as well as travel must be organized and paid by the athletes.




Coming soon!

Do you want to be a partner of this or more High Diving events? We’re more than happy to get talking! Fastest way to reach us is at